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Kannika builds solutions to maximize the value of Event-Driven Architecture (EDA). Our solutions ensure scalable, responsive architectures, ready to meet your business challenges.

Streamline your architecture and elevate your landscape with Kannika.

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Kannika Armory

Are events important to your business? Then you better have a backup when things go wrong.

Kannika Armory enhances the security of your event-driven data streams, seamlessly integrating with platforms like Confluent Kafka, Apache Kafka, Redpanda, and various other event hubs. Our solution focuses on straightforward offloading of event data to your preferred file storage systems, including Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3 Buckets or Google Cloud Storage.

In addition, it's able to easily restore the data back to the event hub, quick and easy.

Rest assured, with Kannika Armory, your business data remains secure and accessible.

Try it yourself today and get a free trial license for 30 days!

Backup & Restore

Backup your events in a few steps by transferring your data to a file storage location of your choice.

Behind the fortified walls of your impregnable fortress, critical operational and analytical data is inaccessible to any enemies that come your way.

Increase the reliability of EDA processes in terms of data loss and downtime. In the event of a disaster, you quickly recover your data and ensure business continuity.

Environment cloning

Define an important set of event data and spin up a new demo or test environment.

Set up a separate cluster/environment to analyze your event data for data mining or machine learning activities.

Explore how you can maximize the potential of your EDA structure, all within the safe walls of your fortress.

We believe in the true value of Event-Driven Architecture

Our mission is to get the maximum out of EDA

Kannika is a software company that develops tools to optimize Event-Driven Architecture (EDA). As a spin-off of change catalyst and digital transformation expert Cymo, Kannika provides a backup & restore solution specifically designed for your EDA. We came up with this idea when we noticed a pressing need among our customers for a purpose-built solution that allows them to backup and restore data in their EDA processes.

In two years, we have developed this concept into a full-fledged product to support businesses to get the most of their EDA setup. Kannika Armory relieves your business of data loss worries and downtime nightmares. We simplify setting up test environments and seamlessly connect to your event hubs.

The result? Uninterrupted operations and peace of mind thanks to an impenetrable fortress that keeps your data secure.

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Restoring an application based on Event-Driven Architecture is vastly different from restoring a ‘traditional’ application, so we decided on a solution tailored to EDA.

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